Adios Muchachos: Sanctuary Cities to Obey the Law or Lose Funding

Attorney General Jeff Sessions laid out the Trump Administration policy tying availability of federal funds only to cities that comply and certify compliance with 8 U.S.C. Section 1373.

CNN: Caught In Its Own Lies

John Nolte of Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire has released an excellent article exposing the recent exploits of CNN as it advances fake facts and stories to push its own agenda. When the news skews the facts, who fact-checks […]

Alex Jones Apologizes and Folds like a Cheap Suit

Alex Jones caves to legal pressure and issues on-air apology while Davide Seaman remains steadfast in his reporting.

10 Urgent Takeaways from Nunes Press Conference on Trump “Wiretapping” Claims

Background. The House Intelligence Committee held its first public hearing into Russian Interference in the 2016 election on March 20, 2017 when James Comey, director of the FBI and Admiral Mike Rogers who serves as […]

Maddow Steps on a Rake: 4 Takeaways from her Epic Fail

Rachel Maddow’s failed report on the Trump tax return just underscores why the mainstream media can’t be trusted. In revealing the front and back of Trump’s 2005 Form 1040, Maddow’s plan backfired by proving there […]

Elite Arrogance

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